I am an illustrator currently living in Rome, Italy.
For work consultation please use the email address below.
leuqium☆gmail.com (☆ → @)


Commission types


General terms

For more details check the ToS.

  1. Payment via PayPal in full before starting.
  2. No refunds (Specified in Section 3 of ToS).
  3. The time for the commission to be completed can vary from weeks to up to 3 months.
  4. Prices may change and be applied to the waitlist.
  5. Waiting time is indeterminate, and it does not guarantee a slot.
  6. You are free to cancel anytime and upon me requesting a confirmation.
  7. To get a deadline or skip the waitlist, you can do so by purchasing a priority option

Style and subjects

I specialize in JRPG-like designs and my personal style is inspired on modern fantasy games illustrations. I am confident on drawing Mecha, Monsters, NSFW and Kemono. I'm not confident on drawing Furry. Any requests involving subjects of political nature, extremely explicit NSFW, offensive and hateful content, and illegal depiction of underaged minors, will automatically be declined.

How to request a commission

You can request a commission by either contacting me at leuqium☆gmail.com (☆ → @), by sending me a DM on my socials, or by filling the form provided at the bottom. Your request will be included in the spreadsheet on the Status page. Upon confirming your slot I will ask you for confirmation, and after accepting I will be sending you an invoice to pay.